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To The Power of 3: R. 1. V.

R1V is a boutique production company with strong ties to the entertainment industry. We have a network of top talent that we call-on to bring your message to life. From voice over acting to Broadway performing talent, we may be small -- we pack a real punch! Your business will benefit from high quality productions backed by fast and friendly service. Our prices are competitive and our approach makes it easy for you to get what you want when you want it. Just like our name, R1V, the power of three, three characters, 3 acronyms with one underlined meaning: Get one of a kind material and real results to share your vision on radio, TV, on the big screen, on the web and on the streets. R1V is Real One Video™ for high quality videos and animations. R1V is Real One Voice™ for professional voice over talent. R1V is Real One Vibe™ for the sounds that enhance the sights with background music, backup vocals, opening acts, score and sound effects. R1V has in-house talent too, starting with our founder and his talents that range from graffiti, sketch art, digital design, voice talent, stand-up comedy, script writing, and on-stage performances - to band manager, video/film/radio producer, music writer, poet and lyricist. He doesn’t claim to be the best at any art form, he does claim to surround himself with people and talents that are the best in the world. R1V is a small business and we’re here to help your small business too with affordable and impactful solutions starting with our flagship offering: Whiteboard Production. Whiteboard Production provides videos with voiceover and music backgrounds and we can tell any story in 90 seconds or less. Get a video to share across all or your social media network and monetize your content or use it to help your message go viral.